Set of 3 Grappa Classic Wajos – 3x100ml – 40%

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“A genuine grappa may only bear this name if Italian grapes are used and the distillation is also carried out in Italy. The noble distillate is distilled from wine pomace, which remains on grape skins after pressing. White, clear grappas are stored in glass or stainless steel tanks in order to avoid any change in taste and colour and at the same time to intensify the typical filigree character. For refinement, grappas are stored in wooden barrels – predominantly oak barrels – where they take on an amber hue due to the absorption of the wood tannins. This storage process results in a fuller, more complex flavour that is less astringent due to the long storage period. Grappa is both soft and strong on the palate, with gentle fruity notes.”
This set contains:
Grappa di Chardonnay – 40% (= This grappa is pure grape variety and comes from Veneto, Italy. Surprisingly delicate with a round taste. The finish has the typical Chardonnay vanilla note).
Grappa di Moscato Invecchiata – 40% (= Origin: Piedmont, Italy. Matured in barrique barrels, which makes the taste very noble and fruity).
Grappa Stravecchia – 40% (= Intense and fruity with slightly spicy notes. Mild & harmonious taste. Aroma with lots of ripe red fruits, chocolate, oranges and spices).

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