Set of 3 Liqueur Classic Wajos – 3x100ml – 40%

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“The Wajos “Alter” specialities are milder and softer than our brandies, but still not as sweet as typical liqueurs. Not too long and not too short matured, these specialities are stored until a fine as well as exquisite smell and taste are pronounced and the alcohol is harmoniously integrated – just according to old fathers’ custom. Characterised by a discreet fruitiness and amber colour, they are the specialities for special moments of enjoyment.”

This set contains:
Alter Willi – 40% (= Made from pears with the perfect degree of ripeness. Clear and full-bodied taste with a fruity-sweet finish).
Old Hazelnut – 40% (= Very full-bodied and intense taste of roasted hazelnuts, chocolate, hint of nougat as well as caramel).
Old Red Vine Peach – 40% (= Characterised by a mild and fruity finish. Exquisite, ripe and deep red vineyard peaches).

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