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Many different spirits that were made from wine were originally grouped under the name Cognac. However, this changed with the introduction of protection for the designation of origin of cognac for a certain defined region in France. In order to differentiate other spirits made of wine from each other, different guidelines have been developed for different categories. A brandy is a liquor whose alcohol comes exclusively from finished vinified wine. Distillates from grape must or pomace have a different name, such as grappa, or Pisco from Peru. A prerequisite for a brandy is the mandatory barrel maturation of at least six months in barrels with less than 1000l capacity. If the barrels used are larger than 1000l, the brandy must mature for at least 12 months. Often these requirements of the maturation time are exceeded many times over. Flavoring additives are not allowed in the production of brandy. The only exception to this are sugar and sugar color, which can be added up to 3%. Brandy is made anywhere in the world where wine is also produced. The main producers include Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece and Germany.

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Locally grown Airen white wine grapes are fermented to produce Carlos I. The resulting must is distilled and cut before storage with sweet wines d'Alexandria and Pedro Ximénez. These wines give it it (...)

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This first-class brandy from Osborne has a rich aroma with notes of sherry. On the palate it is velvety soft with fine notes of almonds, vanilla and toffee.

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The Cardinal Mendoza is a pleasantly soft brandy with slightly spicy aromas.

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