Payment Methods & Shipping Costs

If you reserve an order of 150,00€ or more that should be sent to Germany you have free shipping.

If you have an order of under 150,00€ that should be sent to Germany we charge you 5,90€ shipping costs.

The costs for shipping to other countries than Germany are calculated due to the total weight of your order and the country you are ordering from – the costs are automatically shown in your shopping cart.

Our shipping costs are structured as followed:

up to 5kgup to 10 kgup to 20 kgup to 30 kgup to 40 kgup to 50 kg
Zones 1, 2 and 320,50 Euro26,50 Euro32,00 Euro58,50 Euro64,00 Euro90,50 Euro
Zone 1 – non EU23,00 Euro32,50 Euro51,00 Euro83,50 Euro102,00 Euro134,50 Euro
Zone 3 – non EU18,00 Euro25,00 Euro33,00 Euro58,00 Euro66,00 Euro91,00 Euro
Zone 432,00 Euro42,00 Euro54,00 Euro96,00 Euro108,00 Euro150,00 Euro
Zone 545,00 Euro60,00 Euro80,00 Euro140,00 Euro160,00 Euro220,00 Euro
Zone 665,00 Euro100,00 Euro155,00 Euro255,00 Euro310,00 Euro410,00 Euro
  • Zone 1: Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Zone 1 – non EU: Switzerland and United Kingdom
  • Zone 3 – non EU: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Norway, Ukraine and Belarus
  • Zone 2: Sweden, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary
  • Zone 3: Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine and Belarus
  • Zone 4: Israel and Russian Federation
  • Zone 5: Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and India
  • Zone 6: South Africa and Australia

If you want us to send your order to a country that is not available – don’t mind to send us an E-Mail to get more information.

We send with DHL to the adress you tell us. You can also choose the post office we should send your order to.

You can choose between the following payment methods:

Pre Payment

You can use giropay or Klarna Sofort (formerly SOFORT ÜBERWEISUNG) to transfer the total amount immediatley or you can transfer it using online banking. We are sending the products after recieving your payment.

Notice for giropay and Klarna Sofort (formerly SOFORT ÜBERWEISUNG): You can only use giropay and Klarna Sofort (formerly SOFORT ÜBERWEISUNG) if you have a valid online-banking access. If you are not sure if your bank supports giropay or Klarna Sofort (formerly SOFORT ÜBERWEISUNG), you can check it here: and

Per invoice

Costumers we know and companies that are listed in the commercial register we offer shipping with a bill with a payment goal of ten days.

Credit Card

We accept VISA and MasterCard.

iDEAL (Netherlands only)

For our Dutch customers we offer the payment method “iDEAL”. You can select your bank during the checkout and will be redirected after completing your order.