Pipe Tobacco

The decisive factor for the enjoyment experience in this area is the selected tobacco blend. The choice of tobaccos is very diverse and ranges from untreated to strongly flavoured tobaccos.

When it comes to flavouring, a distinction is made between natural and artificial flavouring. In the first case, the tobaccos are stored with the corresponding aromas in oak barrels, in the second case, liquid aroma substances are added to the tobacco. A third class is the English direction, which is about non-flavoured tobaccos that often come across as strong and spicy.

Pipe Besides the aroma, the cut also plays a decisive role. While the classic blends come loose and are quite easy to burn and handle, the flake tobaccos are pressed tobaccos with a significantly lower burn temperature. The Curlycut is also more suitable for advanced pipe smokers, as it is also a compressed tobacco that is made by pure manual labour in production. For the flake and curlycutt tobaccos, pipes with a larger bowl are also more suitable.
In addition to tobaccos from well-known manufacturers, we have also had our own brands for several decades, which are blended especially according to our wishes. In 2005, on the occasion of our 100th anniversary, this series was supplemented by our anniversary blend.

At the moment we are working on the technical and legal implementation for the online sale of the tobaccos. Until then, you will find here an overview of our brands and suppliers that we carry in our shop.

Our pipe tobacco brands include, among others:

  • Bentley
  • Danish Mixture
  • Danske Club
  • Davidoff
  • Kohlhase
  • Mac Baren
  • Peterson
  • Rattray´s
  • Vauen
  • W.O. Larsen

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