Set of 3 Rum Classic Wajos – 3x100ml – 40%

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“The roots of rum lie in the 17th century in Central and South America, where sugar cane was cultivated mainly on the Caribbean islands after the introduction of Columbus. Rum is distilled from the fermented mash of sugar cane, sugar cane juice and water and traditionally stored in oak barrels. The tannins present in the wood give the rum a light vanilla flavour, a slightly smoky aroma and a wealth of taste nuances.”

This set contains:
1st Barbados Rum XO – 40% (= This rum is a blend of two old Barbados rums with a French oak barrel finish. Softness and fullness, fine vanilla notes are characteristic for this rum).
2nd Guyana Rum 2011 – 40% (= Strong fruity from the Diamond Distillery. Lots of spice, fine caramel notes and nutmeg).
3rd Wajos Premium Rum – Edition 1 – 40% (= This rum is a blend of Guyana, Trinidad and Barbardos. This creation brings the positive aspects of all regions in harmony. Strong fruity in the nose, fresh coffee beans and coconut on the palate. Lots of vanilla in the foreground).

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