Set of 3 Liqueur Classic II Wajos – 3x100ml

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“Quality and taste are always the top priorities at Wajos. Thus, our liqueur specialities are only produced when the interplay between fruit, herbs, alcohol and the multitude of ingredients stimulates the senses. We proudly look back on decades of experience in the production of fine liqueurs and spirits – with numerous awards such as the DLG Gold, the Award for Longstanding Product Quality or the Federal Award of Honour.”

This set contains:
Pêche Rouge Liqueur – 18% (= Full flavour of red vineyard peaches, fruity-sweet. Also good for refining fruit salads. Tip: Enjoy a shot of this liqueur with chilled sparkling wine).
Blanc Royal cream liqueur – 17% (= Reminiscent of melt-in-the-mouth truffle pralines. Especially recommended slightly chilled pure or as an addition to coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino).
Pomegranate Liqueur – 18% (= Strong in winter, refreshing in summer. Wonderful sweet taste. Enjoy either slightly chilled pure or in cocktails or for punch bowls).

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