Set of 3 Gin Lover Wajos – 3x40ml

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“A set for amateur bartenders, gin lovers and anyone looking for the perfect gift or takeaway to a celebration. These 3 gin specialities bring fruitiness, character and versatility to any bar – with apricot, red vineyard peach and a pure botanical gin. Simply always the right choice for toasting, mixing and enjoying.”

This set contains:
Gin Rouge – 42% (= Smooth and harmonious. Gin kisses red vineyard peaches.)
Botanical Gin – 44% (= Refreshing and based on 19 different botanicals, including: Lemon peel, cardamom, cubeb pepper).
Apricot Gin – 42% (= Gin kisses apricot. A fruity-fresh gin with a delicate orange character).

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