Ardmore 2011 Berry Bro’s for Flickenschild “4cl Sample” – 57.9%

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This 2011 Ardmore is from Berry Bro’s & Rudd has been bottled exclusively for Flickenschild. The maturation took place in a Shabo red wine barrel (= winery in Ukraine). The mild maritime climate of southern Ukraine, the good location between the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary, unique sandy soil with limestone and clean steppe air create ideal conditions for the cultivation of selected grapes and the production of high-quality SHABO wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape used ensures a fruity & aroma dominated by red berries. The whiskey is limited to 109 bottles and is naturally uncolored, non-chill filtered & bottled at cask strength.

Tasting Notes:

A hint of burnt match gives way to the underlying sweet fruit. There is some apricot jam, an interesting gum note that shifts towards raw ham and grainy mustard, while honeyed notes emerge and dominate the taste. It gets a little lighter on the palace. In the background you can clearly see a smoked ham seeping through the layers of honey. Softer notes of yellow fruits like melon and banana peel play with each other. The finish is long and balanced, with lingering notes of fruit, mustard and smoked ham.

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