Vauen Pipe – Royal sandgestrahlt “RY 569”

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Vauen’s special series “Royal” – a very popular classic – is back. The sandblasted pipe impresses with its classic shape and simplicity. The heat is pleasantly dissipated by the sandblasting, so that the model fits comfortably in the hand.
A ring made of sterling silver adorns this noble model. With its classic shape and color scheme, it exudes unwavering elegance and style.

Vauen Pipe – Royal sandblasted “RY 569”

  • Weight: approx. 60g
  • Series: Royal sandblasted
  • Surface: sandblasted black
  • Model: RY 569
  • Brand: Vauen
  • Hole: 9mm
  • Mouthpiece: Acrylic
  • Bent: Classic
  • Length: 139mm
  • Head height: 44mm
  • Head bore: 20mm

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