Pomegranate Liqueur Wajos – 18%

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Powerful in winter, refreshing in summer – the wonderfully sweet taste of fully ripe, juicy pomegranates is always a delight: pure, in chilled sparkling wine or as an addition to red mulled wine.
Do you love the fruity, powerful taste of the pomegranate? Then you can’t miss this liqueur. It is one of Wajos’ absolute top sellers: the pomegranate liqueur. It combines everything you expect from a good liqueur: strength and richness, versatility and pure enjoyment. With its strong fruit aromas, this liqueur speciality is characterised by its sweet, slightly tart and fresh flavours. So if you are looking for a fruit liqueur, pomegranate schnapps or pomegranate liqueur, for a special gift for friends, family or your partner, this pomegranate liqueur is definitely always the right choice. But also at home as an aperitif or digestif, in sparkling wine, in cocktails or neat, this liqueur speciality can only be recommended.

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