Nork Raspberry Rosemary Liqueur – 20%

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In Nork Raspberry Rosemary Liqueur, northern Germany meets the Mediterranean. What sounds wild tastes wonderful: the sweet, fruity berry and the spicy, ethereal herb bring not only variety but also amazing harmony to the palate. The appearance is also fun. In a strong pink-red colour, the liqueur invites you to pour and taste it. As usual, Nork relies on extra fresh fruit, natural ingredients and taste art instead of artificial flavour.
The tart-sweet creation is based on the Nork Original. The double grain, full of character, gives the liqueur with 20 percent by volume power and makes it an expressive ingredient for delicious drinks. The raspberry-rosemary duo shows its high-proof potential to become a new favourite combination, well chilled as a shot as well as a spritz variant with sparkling wine or in long drinks and cocktails.
Nork Raspberry-Rosemary Liqueur
Sweet, tart & versatile
Free from artificial colouring
Free from artificial flavours

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