Belvedere 176 Heritage Vodka – 40,0%

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With the Belvedere Heritage 176, the rye distillers at Belvedere use fire before distillation to further improve the rye’s potential for a nuanced taste. Belvedere Heritage 176 is quite simply the taste of the past of vodka. Up until the 19th century, Polish vodka manufacturers relied on the old technique of “malting” using fire drying – a tradition that naturally produced rich and distinctive flavors. Unfortunately, over time, as the vodka category expanded and technology advanced, these ancient traditions faded and vodka became more and more associated with neutrality.

Belvedere questions this neutrality and is convinced that rye, the heart of our brand, delivers both unmistakable taste and character. To demonstrate this further, Belvedere has revived traditional malting, releasing rich depth, aroma and complexity that would otherwise remain hidden in rye. Rich, full-bodied and complex, with a hint of honey, walnut and allspice, Heritage 176 is best enjoyed over ice with a hint of lemon. Discover the taste of the past of vodka.

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