Zuidam Rum “Oranjemolen” 4 Years PX Sherry Cask – 53.4%

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Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktage innerhalb Deutschlands, 3-7 Tage im Ausland

The northern German premium brand FRC has dedicated a single-cask series to unadulterated sugar cane distillates. The design of the Dutch Windmill Collection speaks for itself: stylish black and white with golden eye-catchers meet iconic windmills and bottles made of dark glass offering light protection.
The trio is based on sugar cane molasses. With a duration of three weeks, it fermented for an above-average length of time and in a temperature-controlled manner. Distilled twice in small handmade copper pot stills, bottled at cask strength.
The result? For example, the astonishingly soft Oranjemolen 4 y.o. Notes of wine and tropical fruits are extracted from the Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask, and the label features the historic Oranjemolen from the coast of the Netherlands.
Base: Molasses
Distillation: Pot Still

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