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Initially still limited, it should become part of the Wolfburn range as soon as possible. WOLFBURN “Aged 10 Years” was matured throughout in ex sherry butts, so it has a lush sherry cask influence alongside the intense fruitiness after 10 years of maturation in Spanish oak. The new bottling is a milestone for the young privately run distillery and testament to the dedication and skill of the Master Distillers at Wolfburn.
Maturation takes place exclusively on site in so-called dunnage warehouses (horizontal storage of the casks and open earth floor for high humidity) a few 100 metres from the coast.
The Tasting Notes
Nose: Gentle sherry sweetness mingles with notes of fig and sultana. Hints of vanilla and sweet oak.
Taste: Enormous depth and variety with lush flavours of chocolate and dark fruit underpinned by caramel and vanilla. Hints of nutmeg and spicy oak.
Finish: Silky tannins create a mouth-filling finish with a beautiful sweetness and notes of dried fruit and caramel that linger until the end.

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