WillowBurn Ember Batch 003 – 45.9%

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The WillowBurn Ember Batch 003 2022 is the best of all submitted single malts without age statement. The Harzer is based on a 60 percent blend of light, non-smoked malt and 40 percent of smoked malt that has been kilned over peat or wood. It was matured entirely in selected European Oak Hogsheads, which had previously been used for several years to decades for the maturation of the best southern and sweet wines (Sherry, Port, Malaga, Amarone, Claret, Moscatel and Marsala).
Neither coloured nor chill-filtered, it develops aromas of malt and chocolate at a perfect drinking strength of 45.9% vol. Aromas of malt and chocolate with sultanas, toasted almonds, toffee and fruitcake, as well as the characteristic Hercynian single malt notes of coffee and tangerines.

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