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Box Distillery will change its name in High Coast Distillery in June 2018

For more information please read the offcial press release:

Sörviken, April 4 2018

Swedish whisky producer Box Distillery is changing its name and brand to High Coast Distillery

The Board of Directors of Box Distilleri AB plans to change the company’s name following the discovery in 2017 of a brand collision. Bacardi-owned whisky company Compass Box drew attention to the confusion that could arise among whisky consumers due to the similar names our companies have. Compass Box has long been established in a number of international markets where a risk of conflict exists.

Following legal consultations and market analyses, we share Compass Box’s opinion that it would be inopportune for two whisky companies to operate under the name of Box. We also feel that Box Distilleri AB has slim chances in a brand-name dispute with a multinational company such as Bacardi. In order to avoid any possible brand-name conflict and to continue opening new markets, we intend to change the name of our production facility to High Coast Distillery and register the brand name High Coast Whisky. 

“The name change links our brand and distillery yet more closely with the High Coast region and the fabulous place we live and work in. We see great market opportunities now that we’re more strongly tied to Höga Kusten and the unique values the place enjoys,” says Thomas Larsson, Box Distillery CEO.

The first High Coast bottles will be launched on the national and international markets as early as this autumn. The name change will take place on 30 June in conjunction with the Box Whisky Festival.

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About Box Distillery

"Like every good story, ours begins in a place ‘far, far away’. More precisely in the remote, north of Sweden. In this rugged landscape, on the shores of the mighty Ångermanälven river, you’ll find the Box Distillery. Fed by the rivers’ crystal clear, chilled water, the distillery experiences wide temperature variations on a daily and yearly scale – temperature variations that ensure that the whisky goes through a unique savouring process as it matures. These qualities lend the Box Single Malt a singular character – character that is enhanced by a traditional distilling method that takes no shortcuts and makes no compromises.

Making whisky in the Ådalen area has its advantages. It’s not only the untouched nature of the northern parts of Sweden that makes the whisky unique, even though the dense forests, wide open spaces and clean air definitely adds to the character. The seminal difference actually stems from our geographical location. In the north of Sweden, the temperature variations – between summer and winter, between day and night – are nothing short of dramatic. The constant changing of the seasons affect the evolution of the raw spirits in the warehouse casks. On warm days, the pressure in the casks builds and the liquor expands, penetrating the wooden oak. Deep inside the wood, flavours are released - flavours that will stay with the maturing spirits when the temperature falls and the pressure drops. The harsh northern climate is truly one of our best friends.

The mighty Ångermanälven river flows by our very doorstep. For thousands of years it’s been at the centre of life for people living in the valley. Each second, almost 500,000 litres of ice-cold mountain river water flows by, just outside our windows. To us, as whisky producers, the river is an essential natural resource. The amount of cooling water is an extremely important part in our search for distillates with personality and character. To be able to cool the alcohol in the most effective way is intimately connected with the chances of creating a distillate with a standout personality and clean, fine flavour. During a large portion of the year, the water temperature of the Ångermanälven river is no more than a few degrees over zero and even during the summer months, only the feistiest of outdoorsmen dare go for a chilly swim.

At the Box Distillery we have a collective, important driving force that guides us: We want to create a world-class single malt whisky. Whisky production is principally a traditional craft; many whisky distilleries are quite similar, but still, despite this, every whisky is unique. At Box we do as everyone else does, but still choose our own path. We’ve let ourselves be guided by the work of other distilleries, but we’ve also developed our own methods to create single malt like no other."

The beautiful location, the friendly and open minded people, the stunning quality and the passion about t Whisky have convinced us at our visit at the distillery in 2016. That ist the reason why we are the exclusive german impotreur for Box Whisky.

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