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It is whisky visionary Mark Reynier’s ultimate goal – now it has been achieved. With The Cuvée, Reynier’s progressive Waterford distillery blends 25 of its unique Single Farm Origin whiskies from different terroirs in Southern Ireland into a multi-layered, in-depth taste experience – the ultimate single malt whisky from Waterford’s point of view.

Why? Mark Reynier explains:

“Coming from a wine background, I have always been fascinated by how the best Bordeaux wines are made. Instead of bundling their grapes into a single wine, winemakers take the trouble to produce several individual wines, each of which expresses its own character determined by the terroir. Only after months of maturation are these individual wines – each with its own individual profile – combined into a single, profound and complex wine, the Grand Vin. Why not do the same with whisky? This is the vision we have been working on for seven years. The essence of the Waterford project.”

The milestone whisky is correspondingly complex. Matured in French and American oak, it combines flavours ranging from red apples to coffee cake on the nose, oily caresses the palate with grapefruit, dark chocolate or cereal and lingers exceptionally long. To celebrate their “lodestar” cuvée, Waterford enlisted the help of artist Leah Hewson to design the label.

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