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More sheltered, in the lee of Bishopswood, the Lakefield Farm stands on undulating lowland terroir with well-drained, deep clay soils. The land is farmed by Seamus Duggan, winner of the Waterford Trophy for Barley Breeder of the Year 2019. The barley of exceptional quality is the distillation base for Lakefield: Edition 1.1, a soft single malt with notes of rhubarb and freshly baked apple pie.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Warm pudding and freshly baked bread combine with red apple, milk chocolate and dried flowers. In addition: buttercream and pine needles.
Palate: Gentle notes of clove go together with a nice note of pepper to bread and malt biscuits, then to honeydew melon and pears.
Echo: “It doesn’t, it meanders along like a tributary to the start of a great river.”

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