Waterford Cuvée Argot – 47%

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With Argot (pronounced “ar-go”), Waterford is now presenting a cuvée to get to know the distillery concept: cheaper, with a nice drinking strength of 47% vol. and slightly less wood contact for a flavor profile characterized by freshness, liveliness and accessibility. Argot will be permanently available worldwide. The “little brother” of the Waterford The Cuvée combines 14 single farm origin whiskeys and matured for around three years in the barrel types characteristic of Waterford. With a total of 44 percent, premium casks prefilled with strong, sweet and red wine account for the largest share. A hint of Irish peat also characterizes the engaging character of the single malt.

Cask Types: 37% First Fill Bourbon Barrels, 23% Vin Doux Naturel Casks, 21% Premium French Oak Casks, 19% Virgin American Oak Casks.

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