A great combination of Whiskys that matured in Sherry Casks for a long time. It is elegant and a little bit peated, owning 40% Malt Whisky and 60% Grain Whisky.

Togouchi Blend 18 years - 43,0%

Togouchi Blend 18 years - 43,0%

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The Chugoku Jozo Destillery is producing fruit liquor, sake (rice wine) and Shochu since 1918. In the year 1990 they started to produce Blended Whisky as well. The Distillery isn't distilling, it imports the distillate for the Malt Whisky from Scotland and for the Grain Whisky from Canada. The maturing process is realised in the Chugoku Jozo Destillery. The Whisky matures in a tunnel in Togouchi that is 361 meters long. It was build by the Japanese railroad company JR. It has a temperature of 14 degrees and humidity of 80 percent – which is ideal for the maturing of the whisky.

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Contents0,7 L
Delivery time1-3 days to Germany, 3-7 days to other countries
Country of ManufacturingJapan
BottlerDistillery Bottling
Alcohol by volume43,0%
Country Of ManufactureJapan
manufacturer Chugoku Jozo Destillerie 1-12-1Sakutao Hatsukaichi-shi Hiroshima-ken, 738-8602
DistributorLes Whiskies du Monde, 77 Avenue Kennedy 33700 Merignac, France