Tipperary Watershed – 47%

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Only six ex-bourbon casks are carefully selected by Malt Master Stuart Nickerson for bottling Watershed. After the malt has been reduced to 47% vol. With fresh Ballindoney water, each bottle is individually numbered and thus becomes a very special one-of-a-kind. The water with which Watersched is reduced to drinking strength comes directly from the Ballindoney Farm; from the Galtee, Knockmeal-downs and Comeragh mountains that surround the farm.

Original Tasting Notes:

NoseThe nose opens with strong vanilla and sweet fruit notes, followed by hints of grain.

TasteBlack pepper rises on the palate, overtaken by vanilla fudge and just a trace of raisins.

FinishThe smooth finish is warm and comforting, honey on hot buttered toast.

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