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El Clásico is the third release from Stauning’s experimental research series – and the world’s first rye whisky that matured in vermouth casks. Rye whisky and the herbal wine form a classic combination in the cult cocktail Manhattan. Combining their rye made from 51% rye and 49% barley malt from the company’s own malt base with Spanish vermouth casks was therefore the logical choice for the Danes who were keen to experiment. The attempt was more than successful – among other things, this is what the “Category Winner” award at the World Whiskys Awards 2021 stands for. El Clásico is a warm-blooded whisky with the typical grain notes of Stauning Rye and an aftertaste that is sweet and a hint of bitter Pleasantly botanicals.

The deep amber color of Danish whisky speaks fo  its own in the clear 700ml glass bottle that bears the trademark of the Research Series: an illustration by tattoo artist Thit Hansgaard. The demonic design is inspired by wormwood, the main ingredient in vermouth. Throughout history, the herbaceous plant has often been associated with evil and bad luck. In the right quantities wormwood herb has healing powers. El Clásico gets the best out of the plant and tastes pure, in an exclusive cocktail or with a cigar.

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