Starward Unexpeated 2017 – 48%

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Single cask alert from Australia: Starward Distilley presents another delicacy from the single cask with the Single Barrel 2017/2021. For this, the progressive Melbourne-based company aged its tropical-fruity raw spirit in a former red wine cask. Starward always fills “New Make” with a lower alcohol content in the wine-soaked barrels. In this way, they release all the more fruit notes and tannins into the whisky. The current single barrel made of French oak previously contained red wine from the Barossa Valley. This oldest wine region in Australia is known worldwide for its opulent wines, which are characterised by the heat of South Australia.

Combined with Starward’s raw spirit, the result is a seductive potpourri in which red apple and strawberries provide the fruit component and dark chocolate contributes a tart sweetness. The round mix can unfold uninhibitedly at 55.8% vol. Cask Strength, the round mix can unfold uninhibitedly. The Starward Single Barrel needs only 3 years for its enticing profile. That’s enough, because in the stubborn Melbourne climate, the so-called “four seasons in a day”, the whisky interacts intensively with the wood and in just a short time gives rise to flavour-intensive single malt that you won’t find anywhere else.

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