Starward Left-Field – 40%

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One of them is the single malt left-field. The new star in the whisky sky is an accessible all-rounder and successor to the Two-Fold blend, which will be phased out. The relaxed single malt matures 100 percent in former red wine barrels made from French oak – for an intense and spicy mouthfeel with delicate wine aromas. The barrels come from the leading Australian wine regions, the Barossa Valley and the Yarra Valley. Burning out some of these “barrels” gives Left-Field additional dimensions. With its full-bodied, light and dark fruit and spicy oak notes, the Australian leaves plenty of room for individual enjoyment.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Tropical fruits with aromas of red apple and fresh red berries.
Palate: Full-bodied, intense with light tropical fruits and notes of roasted oak.
Finish: More delicate with soft tannins and the flavor of French oak barrels.

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