Savinelli Pipe – Gianduja Rustic 315

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Savinelli Pipe – Gianduja Rustic 315

While in many cultures at carnival spirits, gods and ancestors are conjured up, danced to and celebrated, carnival in today’s Western world is more of a catharsis function.

From a psychological point of view, the mask or costume offers the wearer a perfect opportunity to relieve anger and stress. All of this within a socially recognized framework and with a strict time limit.
Quite legally, the masked person slips into a foreign role that he or she can fill with life and live out the freedoms that he or she may be granted in everyday life. Unfortunately, not everyone can deal with so much freedom and so it is inevitable that one or the other carnival participant occasionally shows facets of his personality that one would rather not have gotten to know.
Making fun of “those up there” serves as an outlet and buffer not only for the individual, but also for society. Especially in times of crisis, carnival offers its followers the necessary cement that holds society together. Together they laugh about serious issues and face them with humor. In this way, events and people appear less threatening, solidarity increases and tensions between the different groups decrease. Titles, degrees and possessions don’t matter. Everyone is equal at carnival.
This time the Gianduja serves as the namesake for the latest Savinelli carnival whistle. The Gianduja costume has its origins in Piedmont and dates back to the late 18th century.
It symbolizes an elegant, worldly and pleasure-loving man of the so-called “fine” society. Savinellli picks up the colors of his clothes in the composition of the mouthpiece.
Application Acrylic
Hole 9mm
Limited Edition No
Surface Rustic
Series Gianduia
Style Series Classic
Material Bruyère

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