Rhum J.M Terroir Volcanique – 43%

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The name of this cuvée “Terroir volcanique” refers to the exceptional geographical location of the JM distillery: the winery is located near Macouba, on the slopes of the Montagne Pelée in Martinique. So the sugar cane actually grows on a volcanic and therefore particularly fertile soil. But this designation can also refer to something else: The maturation of this rhum vieux agricole in fact took place for three years in American oak barrels that had been given a very special profile with two successive heating profiles. The first was strongly heated and the second extremely heated, which allowed it to develop its original aromas. So the name is probably also a reference to the fire that consumed the cask during this extreme heating.
This delicious old rum unfolds notes of flambéed tropical fruits, honey and vanilla as well as nutmeg. Volcanic!

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