Port Charlotte 2013 PMC:01 – 54,5%

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Port Charlotte PMC:01 is the latest release in the coveted Cask Exploration series and showcases the complexity and versatility of the heavily peated Islay single malt and the profound influence the species has had of the barrel on the fresh distillate. The sixth bottling of the Cask Exploration series matured in Pomerol casks for the first time. Pomerol, an AOC area northeast of Bordeaux, is home to some of the finest and most sought-after red wines in the world, characterized by their deep color and ripe plum aromas. Pomerol wine is proud of its place of origin and takes advantage of the region’s terroir. The appellation, with its warm climate, is characterized by the famous blue clay, gravel and sand that give flavor to the vines. The connection to the hometown is shared by the wine and whiskey of the Bruichladdich distillery, which was conceived, distilled, matured and bottled exclusively on Islay. In the Port Charlotte PMC:01, this composition finds expression in the fruity oak of the Pomerol barrels and the salty maritime note. Despite fundamentally different regions, a balance of oak, fruit and gentle peat smoke succeeds.

Official Tasting Note:

The one with 54.5% vol. Bottled and Peated to 40ppm Port Charlotte OMC:01 2013 was first aged in Bourbon casks for four years before being transferred to Pomerol casks for the final five years of its aging.

Aroma: Warm peat smoke and red fruits, pear, melon and a subtle maritime nuance. Delicate rose and geranium notes. Vanilla, honey, leather and toasted oak. Over time, the PMC:01 smells of cloves and ginger with a wonderful hint of marzipan.

Flavour: Malt sugar and peat smoke. Great viscosity that fills the entire mouth. The Pomerol cask brings out aromas reminiscent of blackberries, plums and aged leather – the perfect balance between wood and fruit.

Finish: Soft, maritime notes, mussels, some citrus zest and that typically elegant, demanding peat smoke that you can only find in a Port Charlotte.

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