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Moment Virvelvind is the final expression of the exclusive Moment series, where the unique and special casks in very limited editions get the attention they deserve. To come full circle, Moment Virvelvind took inspiration from the first edition (Moment Medvind). A lightly peated whiskey with notes of red apples, pears and fresh citrus and of course Swedish oak as a backbone. A grand finale, to say the least.

Nose: Sweet fruit in the form of pears and red apples are balanced by noticeable citrus, vanilla and muscovado sugar. All surrounded by a veil of smoke.
Flavour: Soft oak tones, tart and Pomeranian. Madagascar vanilla, caramel and ripe pear complemented by a slightly volatile smoke of peat and juniper.
Aftertaste: Long aftertaste with tones of juniper and lime. Aromatic finish with tobacco leaves and oak.

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