Mackmyra Stjärnrök – 46,1%

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A large amount of smoke recipe was used for this bottling, which was then matured in unsaturated, ex-bourbon barrels and new barrels made of American oak of various sizes. To complement the smoke and rounded notes of the Oloroso, a number of older ex-bourbon barrels were added, filled with an elegant recipe to add the zesty citrus and vanilla notes. The whole thing was enhanced by the addition of spicy Swedish oak barrels filled with Swedish cloudberry wine
saturated, perfected.

Taste: Smoky, fruity and spicy with fine notes of peat and juniper. Minerals and herbs are followed by vanilla caramel, raisins, dried fruit, orange peel and dark chocolate. Also roasted oak barrels, sandalwood and cedar wood, anise, white pepper and ginger. The texture is slightly oily with a soft, oaky flavor.

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