Lümmel Kümmel St Pauli – 40%

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In Hamburg you drink … Kööm. This has always been the case and will always remain so. Reason enough to let this lovely, seductive new creation melt a little more precisely on the tongue.

With a merciless 40%, the Lümmel-Kümmel is a Nordic hard nightcap, which nevertheless does not cause any worry lines on the forehead: crystal clear, spicy in taste and with a subtle bitter aroma, this refinement goes down from the best ingredients, like a soft, mild summer wind on the Elbe beach of Sankt Pauli.

In any case, the residents are in the district for more diversity – that’s why the Lümmel Kümmel should not be missing in the sea-worthy temple burrow in the minibar.

Team recommendation: pop up, pour, down with it!

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