Knappogue Castle 1997 Ex Libris Wind Of Spices – 54.4%

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As the second part of the triptych dedicated to Knappogue Castle, this outstanding sherry cask bottling left its native Ireland long ago and settled instead in the south of Spain. With exceptional concentration and expressiveness, its palette of flavours and aromas is steeped in the elements more commonly found in the fortified wines of its adopted homeland. With a ripe expression marked by wonderful oxidative sequences, the infinitely delicate mouthfeel trumps this prestigious Irish whiskey.
“Go seek her out all courteously, and say I come, wind of spices whose song is ever epithalamium.”
Named after a collection of poems written in the early 20th century by one of Ireland’s most famous and talented writers, this range of single cask whiskeys is a great example of the best Ireland has to offer.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: rich, concentrated. Delicately earthy and rooty (gentian), deliciously fruity (quince, persimmon), subtly herbal (Havana cigar), sumptuously woody (beeswax, wood varnish) and gently powdery (cocoa, coffee bean), the first nose reveals infinite depth. When allowed to breathe, very seductive and refined notes of rubber and asphalt add a sunny dimension to the aromatic palette. Rose petals, juicy melon and candied apricot elegantly round off this wonderful range of fragrances.
Taste: full-bodied, generous. In complete harmony with the nose, the attack unfolds beautiful creamy tannins that gently envelop the taste buds. The influence of the sherry cask reaches its zenith. Aromas of pralines, iris butter, grilled almonds, Corinthian sultanas, walnuts and dates flood the taste buds. At the end of the palate, a delicious orange liqueur and noble spices (ginger, clove, nutmeg) appear alongside exotic fruits (guava, mango).
Finish: long, silky. Like a raspberry brandy, the beginning of the finish reveals an incredibly fresh expression. Then, at the end of the finish, the flavour palette changes direction completely, taking us deep into a vineyard to pick dried grapes. The divinely syrupy, retronasal smell is composed of an abundance of dried fruits and nuts (sultanas, figs, dates, hazelnuts, chestnuts). Then, just when we thought the tasting was over, it is further extended by a delightful apricot rancio and heady flowers (iris, mimosa). The empty glass is marked by notes of polish (wax, pine resin) and tobacco.

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