Knappogue Castle 1994 Ex Libris Summer Wind – 52.2%

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This very fruity and delicately floral version is unmistakably reminiscent of the excellent Knappogue Castle 1994 (cask 888139) with its beautiful herbal freshness. Soberly classic yet full of exoticism and lyricism, its range of flavours and aromas is a true ode to Ireland.
“Along with us the summer wind went murmuring – O, happily! But softer than the breath of summer was the kiss she gave to me.”
Named after a collection of poems written in the early 20th century by one of Ireland’s most famous and talented writers, this range of single cask whiskeys is a great example of the best Ireland has to offer.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: lively and fresh. The wonderfully exotic (passion fruit, pineapple, banana), lemony, vanilla, honeyed (acacia) and lush (barley field) first nose reveals incredible diversity. When allowed to breathe, juicy pears, verbena and star anise join the first aromas. The dynamic aromatic palette then becomes increasingly medicinal (salve), resinous and herbaceous (rosemary, sage).
Taste: open, invigorating. The attack, which follows a line of vanilla and lemon into the heart of the palate, is also captivatingly exotic. In the mid-palate, notes of candied ginger, fresh walnut and coriander bring a lot of softness to the flavour palette. Then floral notes (iris butter, lily, hyacinth) provide a particularly rich finish (vanilla cake) on the palate.
Finish: long, appealing. Characterised by a very pleasant malty bitterness, the beginning of the finish invites you to enjoy a frozen yoghurt. At the end of the finish, notes of mown hay, alfalfa and white mint create a natural finish. The spicy (cardamom, nutmeg) and vanilla aftertaste creates a truly fruity and fresh feeling of rejuvenation. The empty glass reproduces the intense aromas of passion fruit, pineapple and banana perceived in the first nose.

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