The Liqueurmanufactur Holsteiner Geister is closely linked to the history of its hometown Krempe.

In 1895 Peter Hesse founded a branch of the Bahrenfeld brewery in Breiten Str. 51, which was expanded after the First World War by the production of spirits. Peter Hesse and, after his death in 1936, his widow Anna and the son Karl drove out and poured the monasteries from Annaberg until 1959 when their own recipe was presented by the guild brothers Harald Bolten and Karl Hesse: The Kremper Gildebittern.

Over the years, the Kremper Bittern has become a great figurehead for the small marsh town. The friendships made by the guild and in particular the flag-wavers to other national and international flag-wavers and folklore groups have made the guild bitters known and popular far beyond the city limits. After Karl Hesse’s death in 1984, his widow Eleonore Hesse continued to handle beverage production and bitter production.

Her shop was more like a living room. There were no regular opening times. It was open when “Lore” unlocked the door. A purchase from her often took half an hour or more, because not only money was exchanged for drinks, but news from the brim and the surrounding area. In 2004, Lore, already over 80 years old, closed down and retired.

Now a replacement had to be found, because the Gildefest 2005 was approaching. Fortunately, the new citizen Werner Ott, who ran a distillery in his Franconian homeland, quickly became a skilled successor to the production. However, since the original recipe was lost, it had to be experimented and tried first. The guild board at that time, consisting of elder man Detjens, guild clerk Riemann, captain Schuldt, reinforced by flag swivel chairman Spiegl, devoted himself to this task and finally the “new” Kremper Bittern could be introduced.

Werner Ott has continuously expanded the range to include other liqueurs, some of which have received high prizes and are extremely popular in the region. Worth mentioning here is the caraway seed “Kremper Nr.1”, which matures in French oak barrels for a year and is rolled over the Kremper market square by the mayor under a full moon. In 2018, Werner Ott handed over the liqueur production to Kremper Jung Helge Pahl, who has been involved in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages for several years, first as a hobby and since 2016 as a co-owner of the Wacken brewery.

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