Heartgow Winter 2021 Hercynian Single Malt Whisky – 48%

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With Heartgow, the hammer forge has created a new series of limited bottlings for 2021. At home here are the unique, anything but predictable single malts, which are always created when switching between batches or distillates. This results in completely new taste patterns that none of the other Harz series captures. The basis for the Hercynian malts: a mashbill made from smoked malt – smoked over peat as well as wood – and non-smoky malt.

Just in time for the first snow in the Harz Mountains, the team around Head of Distilling Anna Buchholz bottled the Heartgow Winter. Similar to the season of the ElsBurn Cozy Winter, the single malt is smokier and milder at the same time. He plays with flavors such as gingerbread and raisin biscuits, vanilla and caramel, the typical mocha note as well as orange zest, dark chocolate and fireplace smoke.

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