Glenallachie 2012 Cuvée Wine Cask Finish – 48%

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Cuvée – this is French and comes from the world of winegrowers. Derived from the word “cuve” for barrel or tank, it describes the blending of different wines that are bottled under one label. Winemakers thus combine the characteristics and aromas of certain wine-growing regions or grape varieties to create a delicious balance. The process requires great sensitivity in both wine and whisky production. A case for Billy Walker.
Billy Walker has already demonstrated the art of blending he has acquired in 50 years of experience several times in the form of whisky cuvées for Kirsch customers. Now, the living legend selected and combined barrels and casks to create the first official The GlenAllachie Cuvée Cask Finish 2012/2022.
The single malt was initially matured in bourbon barrels. For the finishing, Billy Walker used various barrique casks made of European oak, partly from the famous regions of Languedoc and Valpolicella, partly from Premier Cru Classé châteaux in Bordeaux. Artfully blended, the limited release offers elegant stone fruits, notes of toasted almonds and zesty orange peel on the palate.
Tasting Notes:

Nose: Powerful aromas of orange blossom, espresso, maraschino cherries and honeysuckle, with notes of candied stone fruits, hazelnuts, lavender and cinnamon.

Palate: Notes of dark chocolate, redcurrants and roasted coffee beans, followed by crystallised almonds, blackberries and orange zest, with ginger and liquorice in the finish.

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