Gin apricot Wajos miniature – 42%

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A crystal clear distillate with the delicate orange of apricot. Soft, ripe, challenging. At the top the finely sweet apricot note. Gently clouded by typical juniper aromas and noble botanicals. Handcrafted. Fine. Fruity. Incomparable.
This gin is more than juniper berries! The apricot is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits, and is said to have been found in northern China as early as 4000 years ago. It spread over the Silk Road via Syria to the Roman Empire and can now be found all over the world. With a wide variety of varieties and its delicious fruity taste, it is a very special treat. So, with a lot of heart and expertise, we have produced this special gin speciality – for an incomparably intense-fruity gin pleasure.

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