Fruit jelly wild berries “Portion love” Der Zuckerbäcker – 86g

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fruit gum forest fruits “portion of love” of the sugar bakers – 86g

“How do you say so beautifully. You can’t get enough of love. That is true, but not of sweets. Knowing that lovers particularly like to use red fruits? Funny, the pink glasses are no coincidence. But it does not always have to be great love. There is love in the best form at the sugar baker: sweets! Because in the portion of love there is a great red fruit gum forest fruits mixture. In addition vegan: , the sugar baker does without animal ingredients. A great berry mix of strawberry, elderberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. A sweet attention to Valentine’s Day, but also great little thing for a loved one who can take a portion of love.

ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelling agent: pectin; Sea means: citric acid; Plant extracts (elderberry, radish, pumpkin, tomato, apple), flavors, covering agent: Carnaubawachs.

Average nutritional values per 100g:

energy: 1400 kJ / 330 kcal
fat: & lt; 0.5 g
saturated fatty acids: 0.2 g
carbohydrates: 81 g
of it sugar: 63 g
protein: 0.1 g
salt: 0.0 g

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