Elephant Gin Orange Cocoa – 40%

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Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin is an invigorating, citrus-fresh gin variation (40% ABV) that impresses with its aromatic complexity of fruity-sweet organic oranges and gently roasted cocoa beans.

The Elephant London Dry Gin, whose taste focus is on juniper, fresh apple and African Buchu, gives the Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin a harmoniously balanced base note.

In terms of taste, the sun-ripened, citrus-sweet notes of the orange combine with the dry, velvety and at the same time chocolaty aroma of the cocoa bean and give the Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin a highly aromatic character with rare freshness and an invigorating, spring-like twist.

15% of the bottle profits go to foundations that work to protect the threatened African elephants.

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