Edradour 2010 Pawis Spätburgunder Finish #1 – 46,0%

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Edradour has been high on the popularity scale of single malt fans not only since Andrew Symington took over in 2002. The unadulterated whiskies of the distillery, located in the Highlands east of Pitlochry, are partly still produced with original equipment from the 19th century. For six new single casks, “Scotland’s Little Gem” joined forces with family-run wineries from Germany.
The Pawis Winery from Freyburg is a member of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates (VDP) and is known beyond the region. Edradour Single Malt from First Fill Bourbon casks was matured for 46 months in Pinot Noir casks from Pawis. The Edradour 2010/2022 – Pawis Pinot Noir #1 was bottled at drinking strength and the Edradour 2010/2022 – Pawis Pinot Noir #2 at cask strength. The velvety, fruity aromas of the Burgundy give the whiskies their special character.

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