Edradour 2007 Super Tuscan Cask – 55.2%

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This 2007 Edradour matured for 14 years in a Supertuscan wine barrel. Supertuscan refers to Italian wines from Tuscany, which are not officially classified, but which have been on a very high quality level for many years. Most of them are red wines that have been allowed to mature in barrique barrels. The whisky is limited to 282 bottles.
The wine cask is extremely present in the taste. Starting in the nose, sweet berries immediately attract attention. In addition to caramel, sweet malt can also be detected. On the palate, this whisky can be classified as complex: A certain spiciness paired with the sweet aroma of berries, brown sugar, plums and oranges. The alcohol is wonderfully integrated. The finish is also medium long and sweet.
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