Callisto XIII Scotch Universe – 55.2%

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The universe – an infinite space full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Michel Reick could hardly have found a more fitting synonym for the diverse world of Scotch whiskies for his brand. With Scotch Universe, he leads us on a taste journey – as complex and fascinating as outer space. On the flight path are distilleries from all regions of Scotland, which come up with handpicked single malts or single grains. Some of them smoky and stormy like a star collision. Others serene and balanced like the dark side of the moon. All named after celestial phenomena.
Spectrums of colour, glistening light or dense darkness: discovering the Scotch Universe can feel like looking through a telescope into unexplored worlds. And just like these, the brand’s whiskies do not reveal all their secrets. The fact is: all of them come from carefully selected casks bottled separately in Scotland, are neither chill-filtered nor coloured and have a high, cask strength alcohol content. In addition, the label with coordinates leaves plenty of room for speculation and the spirit of discovery.
The Callisto XIII was distilled in 2010 and bottled under the Scotch Universe label after 145 months of maturation in a First Fill Tempranillo Wine Cask. It is a peated Islay whisky.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Maritime peat smoke melds with dark grape and smoked bacon as the base notes. This is joined by rye crisp bread and a light honey sweetness.
Palate: Strong peat smoke, balanced by honey-drenched fruit, candied bacon, a hint of garden herbs and renewed sweetness.
Finish: Long, with peat smoke and distinct, only slowly fading sweetness.

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