Bundle Longrow Red “Pinot Noir” & Glen Scotia Double Cask

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This Campbeltown set consists of one bottle each of Longrow and Glen Scotia:

  • Longrow Red:
    7 years matured in a Pinot Noir Cask – 70cl – 57.1% vol.
    An exciting combination of smoke and French wine barrels made in Campbeltown. We are pleased to present the strictly limited Longrow RED 7 year Pinot Noir Cask Matured from Springbank, which matured for 4 years in refill bourbon casks and then for a further 3 years in French Pinot Noir casks.
  • Glen Scotia Double Cask:
    70cl – 46% vol.
    The Glen Scotia Double Cask was first matured in first fill bourbon casks and then filled into PX sherry casks for the final maturation.

Due to limited availability, this set is limited to one set per customer!

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