Blair Athol 2008 Signatory “for Celtic Whisky” – 46%

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His enthusiasm for whisky is at least as great as Andrew Symington’s fascination for rare casks: Otto Steudel is a veteran of the whisky scene. Since the 1980s, the Nuremberg native has been dedicated body and soul to the water of life. Until recently, the connoisseur with the full grey beard passed on his passion, knowledge and whisky anecdotes to his customers in his shop “Celtic Whisky”. Now the shop in the south of Nuremberg, which has grown into a veritable treasure trove, has closed for good.

Otto Steudel deserves a special cask for his retirement. The Final Cask comes from Signatory Vintage’s wood treasure trove. The Highland Single Malt from Blair Athol matured there for a total of 12 years, including a sherry butt finish. Signatory was able to bottle 817 bottles at the ideal drinking strength.

Until he closed the door of “Celtic Whisky” for the last time, Otto Steudel was able to sell his bottling exclusively. Now the remaining bottles of the liquid homage are also available to companions and friends.

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