Black Tot Master Blenders Reserve 2022 – 54,5%

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As a sailor in the Royal Navy, you had a choice: either rum or the equivalent in cash – until 31 July 1970. On the so-called “Black Tot Day”, the last rum ration, the “tot”, was handed out. No reason for rum lovers to mourn: The Black Tot Rum brand of Elixir Distillers will celebrate the anniversary again in 2022 – albeit delayed due to external circumstances – with an exceptional bottling.

For the Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve 2022, the team was guided by historic rums from their own collection and their forgotten flavour profiles: Notes of baked banana, chocolate, mocha milkshakes, honey, tobacco, leather, liquorice and spices. The foundation of the bottling is the Master Blender’s Reserve 2021, which has been matured in sherry casks since last Black Tot Day. This blend of up to 30-year-old Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados rums was married with a small portion of the original British Royal Navy Rum to create a tantalising result.

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