Amrut 2015 Oloroso Cask “European Exclusive” – 60%

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Whisky has been making history in India for over 150 years. However, the history of Indian whisky on a Scottish level only began around the turn of the millennium. And it began with Amrut. India’s flagship distillery was the first in the country to produce genuine single malt and established its quality whisky from Bangalore around the globe. The ambitious distillers rely on small-grained and thus sweeter Indian barley from the foot of the Himalayas. Only for peated bottlings does Amrut use barley malt from Scotland.
For an exclusive European bottling, the experimental friends rely on Andalusian cask material. At 60% Cask Strength, the Amrut Oloroso Cask 2015/2022 combines slightly peated Indian single malt with the dark-fruity, nutty character of the former sherry cask. 480 bottles of the 7-year-old exotic (although they were apparently a little unsure about the bottling month) were bottled.

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