A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy – 40%

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This naval treasure is hand-blended by the master distiller, respecting naval traditions, using a variety of casks to create this ultimate blend. The barrels selected for this blend come from a molasses-based rum that is created through slow fermentation. It is then distilled into a rum with 85% alcohol content. This is achieved by the traditional pot still distillation method, which results in a high content of esters and a strong aroma.
Aroma: Rich nose with liquorice, orange peel, coconut, papaya, eucalyptus and mint. Hints of balsamic reduction and black tea.
Taste: Full flavour, with a nice balance of citrus, green notes of eucalyptus and mint and the deep notes of liquorice and balsamic reduction.
Finish: Long lasting with notes of mocha and dark chocolate with orange.

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