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Contents Gin Set “Germany 2.0”:

  • Woodland – 45.3%
  • Patch shield no. 5 – 40%
  • Sea Shepherd Gin – 46%
  • Black Fôret Gin – 44%
  • The Duke Munich Dry Gin – 45%
  • Berlin arsonist gin – 43.3%

In addition to Great Britain, many nations now produce their own gin. The gin boom has long since arrived in Germany, too. In addition to consumption, the number of brands offered by various manufacturers is also increasing significantly from year to year. In the production of gin in Germany, the manufacturers use a large number of different botanicals. All in all, these ingredients lead to an enormous range within the German gin scene. In this box we have put together six exciting varieties from Germany for you. In addition to one gin each from Berlin, Munich, the Sauerland and the Black Forest, this set also includes a gin from Sea Shepherd and our own gin edition, which was produced near Hamburg.

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