Blair Athol 2011 Thompson Bros – 50%

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Dieser 11 Jahre alte Blair Athol von den Thompson Bros reifte zunächst in einem Refill Hogshead, bevor er für 7 Monate in einem PX-Sherry Hogshead gefinisht wurde.

Official Tasting Notes
Nose: Lots of generic sherry notes; Raisins, dates, earthy clay, wood spices and ground hazelnuts. Beurre noisette, maggi, miso paste, some orange peel and aged rum.
Palate: Again, plenty of generic sherry notes that you already know… there is a gentle sweetness and a good balance with the spirit and wood. More soy, hazelnut (nutella), ground ginger and anise.
Finish: Not too dry, some soft muscovado sugar and ground dry ginger.

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